Blogtay Documentation

Install Blogtay wordpress theme

1. Login to your WordPress site by admin panel (

2. Go to Appearance > Click on theme.

3. Click on the Add New button.

4. Search Blogtay

5. Select the Blogtay theme

6. Click Install Now

7.  Click on activate


How to setup Blogtay theme

1. When your theme activate all the post are show on front page

2.Top header setting 

2.1 Go to Apperance

2.2. Select Customize

2.3. Select header


2.4 Show/Hide top header section

2.4.1 click on top header show/hide

2.4.2 Choose option

2.4.3 Click on publish


3Banner setting

3.1 Click on banner

3.2 Select custom banner

3.3 Select banner item

3.4 Enter banner slide

3.5 Select slider from page

3.6 Click on publish

3.7 Show/Hide banner

3.7.1 Click on show/Hide banner

3.7.2 Choose option

Integrate Social Media

1.  Click on Appearance 

2. Click on Menu

3. Click on Create a New Menu

4. Add Menu Name

5. Select Menu Name

6.  On URL add social media link

6.1  On Link Text add social median name

7. Click on Add to Menu

8. Select Social Links

9. Click on Save

Have a Good Day !